No gifts, please.  Your presence is present enough! ☺︎

Yes, Paradisus Los Cabos is an all inclusive resort.  Find out more on the resort and booking HERE

Los Cabos International Airport

Although we hope that you will choose stay at Paradisus, it is totally up to you where you stay. Please note that if you choose to stay elsewhere you will not be able to visit the Paradisus resort outside of the actual wedding on Saturday.

We only have a limited number of rooms blocked, so please book your room as soon as you are able to ensure you get the cheapest rate.

Yes, children are welcome!  The resort is kid-friendly and we are happy to see all the little ones!

Absolutely!  Read the instructions HERE to extend or upgrade your stay.

In November, the average temperature is 74 degrees Fahrenheit (23 degrees Celsius), with pleasantly warm days.  The ocean water temperature is also quite pleasant, averaging 84 degrees Fahrenheit (29 degrees Celsius).

We do have a few events planned for the weekend!  See the itinerary HERE.

Golf will be the only activity we've included on the itinerary that will be an additional cost.  We will send pricing to those that RSVP yes or maybe to playing golf.  Any activities OUTSIDE the resort that you choose to do, would also be an additional cost.

Examples of dress code for the wedding day can be found HERE.

Yes!  See the itinerary HERE.  Thursday & Friday are optional days with Thursday being an evening activity boat cruise and Friday, golfing/pool day.  Saturday before the wedding (4pm) there is also nothing planned.